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Within the 200 pages of issue 02, we cover politics, art, sex, self-love, discrimination and more, ever told in our bold, no-bullshit voice. From conversations with women we admire, to ground-breaking articles sprinkled with sarcasm for good measure, RT returns with a powerful journal here to challenge society and remind you that you are everything. Order now


A Conversation with the Founders of Brooklyn-based Brand L’Enchanteur

In this exclusive Interview for Roundtable Journal x Ace Hotel New York, designers Dynasty and Soull Ogun chat to Roundtable founder Wase Aguele about their design ethos, alchemy and the nuances of slow fashion in a fast fashion world. See the shoot and interview here.

The Power of the Amplification Theory

For International Women's Day, we give you an article originally published in Issue 02. This piece explores the ways women can amplify the voices of other women, and in turn increase our collective strength. Read here.

Transcendental Songs to Get You Through as told by Djali

Activist, yogi and DJ Djali Brown-Cepeda welcomed us into her New York home to talk about places, spaces and identity. For Djali, music has the capacity to connect and transport us. Listen to the dope playlist of otherworldly tunes she created here.

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Meet our Issue 02 cover star: Visual Artist Tony Gum


Tony Gum is a South African visual artist. At only 21, her work has been exhibited at Miami Pulse Art Fair and 1:54 New York– and sold out instantly. Yet, she still considers herself an 'artist in learning', a young woman coming to grips with herself and the world around her. Here, in this video for Roundtable Journal, she speaks candidly about the strength in vulnerability. 

See her work here.  


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