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Issue 03 is here! Within these 190 pages, cover star, BAFTA-winning actress Michaela Coel, gives a searingly honest interview filled with humorous nuggets of wisdom; we debunk the tale of the ‘tortured artist’ and the relationship between creativity and mental health; we dive deep into the effects capitalism has on our everyday lives; we challenge the stereotypes surrounding young motherhood; in ‘The Myths of Lovemaking’, we unpack the relationship between sex and chronic pain; and in the dreamy photo series ‘Skin Deep’, we profile four fearless women who are using their platforms to change the perception of beauty today. And we definitely don’t stop there. Order here

Issue 03 // Dear Young Mum // Liv and Dom // Michaela Coel // Skin Deep

Issue 03 // Dear Young Mum // Liv and Dom // Michaela Coel // Skin Deep


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She Will Not Only Climb Mountains, She Will Move Them Too

A visual ode to the women of India, through the lens of 19-year-old photographer Katya Abedian. See here.

0333-what's the whole fucking point?

We all buy things, we all need and want things. Yet, in the process, we may lose sight of the sacrifices that are made to keep this cycle of consumerism and capitalism going. Read here.

A Conversation with the Founders of Brooklyn-based Brand L’Enchanteur

In this exclusive Interview for Roundtable Journal x Ace Hotel New York, designers Dynasty and Soull Ogun chat about their design ethos, alchemy and the nuances of slow fashion in a fast fashion world. See the shoot and interview here.

Roundtable Meets: Visual Artist Tony Gum


Tony Gum is a South African visual artist. At only 21, her work has been exhibited at Miami Pulse Art Fair and 1:54 New York– and sold out instantly. Yet, she still considers herself an 'artist in learning', a young woman coming to grips with herself and the world around her. Here, in this video for Roundtable Journal, she speaks candidly about the strength in vulnerability. 

See her work here.  


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