Premier: "Sugar Don't Be Sweet" A Love Story Re-Told

Watch London singer-songwriter Jaz Karis perform a live acoustic session of her powerful debut single 'Sugar Don't Be Sweet', premiering only on Roundtable Journal. 

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Jaz Karis' Sugar Don't Be Sweet is a song that celebrates the strength in love. Jaz found inspiration for the single in Paulo Coehlo's classic novel The Alchemist. In her own beautiful, minimalistic and poetic way, Jaz tells the story of Santiago and Fatima. The story of a poor shepherd who dreams of reaching The Pyramids and finding treasures, yet falls madly in love along his journey. In his pursuit of worldly treasures, Santiago learns that he will never be satisfied without his love, Fatima. The single is taken from Jaz debut EP Into The Wilderness. Watch the premier video of the live acoustic session for 'Sugar Don't Be Sweet' below. It's unapologetically stripped down, dreamy and captivating. 


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Nicolle Nyariri