Roundtable Presents: It's a Woman's World


A few weeks ago, we celebrated the launch of our latest issue with Roundtable Presents: It’s a Woman’s World, an evening of dancing, music and good vibes. Between the beautiful walls of Pichi, Nigerian DJ, The Kemist, provided a sublime mix of tunes from 90s RnB to classic feel good jams. (She’ll be sharing her playlist for the event soon so stay tuned!). London singer-songwriter Joy Crookes also gave a fantastic live performance. 

There were delicious alcoholic popsicles on deck courtesy of Poptails by Lapp. We also had popcorn in daring experimental flavours ranging from cappuccino to sweet chill by Portlebay Corn. The house cocktails for the night were elderflower gin and tonic and a fruity rum punch created by Stephanie, owner of Pichi. 

Thank you to all our readers, supporters, friends and family who came out to celebrate with us!We hope you had as much fun as we did.

New York – we’re coming for you next!

roundtable presents its a womans world
Roundtable presents its a womans world
roundtable presents its a womans world
roundtable presents its a womans world
Wase Aguele