Illustration by  @paris_miami

Illustration by @paris_miami

We take submissions!

If you have written or visual work you’d like us to consider featuring in the print journal or on the blog, please send it over to

Written submissions

We only publish nonfiction no longer than 2000 words. It can be a personal essay, a research-based article or an investigative piece. We value content that is meaningful, well-written and sheds light on an often overlooked subject. 

If you'd like us to commission you to write an article, please send a short pitch and a few examples of your published work.

Visual Submissions

We accept photography, illustrations, videos, paintings and more.

If you'd like us to commission you to create a visual piece (e.g. a photo story) to be featured in the journal or on the blog, send us some examples of your work. Also feel free to pitch your idea if you have one already.